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Shipping Information

General Terms and Conditions of Business

  1. General provisions

1. These Business conditions and  sales return policy (hereinafter Conditions) determine the mutual business relation between the buyer  (hereinafter „Buyer“) and the operator of  the internet shop www.megapyro.eu  (hereinafter „Seller“). The operator of  the internet shop and at the same time the Seller  is the company  Megapyro.eu, the Czech Republic.

      II. Order

  1. An order can be placed by Buyer who  18 years of age or older and who is permanently resident in any member state of the European Union through the internet shop of Seller or by e-mail.
  2. The goods that are offered by  the internet shop of Seller shall be distributed only on the territory of the member states of the European Union.
  3. The products offered in the internet shop of the Seller have been duly registered, certified and are sold freely in the Czech Republic. Some of them have been already authorized for sale in the whole European Union.
  4.  It is possible that in another member state of the European Union purchase, possession and use of explosives is restricted by law. We are not acquainted with rules and regulations concerning purchase, transportation, possession and use of pyrotechnic products that are in
  5.  It is possible that in another member state of the European Union purchase, possession and use of explosives is restricted by law. We are not acquainted with rules and regulations concerning purchase, transportation, possession and use of pyrotechnic products that are in effect in other countries in the European Union.  Therefore do not require such information.
  6. Buyer is obligated to get to know in advance rules and regulations of pyrotechnic products that are in force in Buyer´s  country. He is also obligated to find out whether  it is not illegal to import one´s own goods offered in the shop of Seller.  Should you have any doubts, consult  your lawyer.
  7. By sending an order Buyer confirms that he is older than 18 years of age and that he has got acquianted with these Conditions of business and agrees with them. Buyer also confirms that purchase of goods in the shop of the Seller is not illegal in his country. We are not interested in helping people to break the law of  their country.
  8. The electronic order is valid on condition that all data and requirements included in the form have been filled in.
  9. The place of goods delivery is the address  given by Buyer in the registration form.
  10. Property right to the goods is transferred to Buyer by full payment of the price.


III. Price

  1. The price of the goods delivered by Seller to Buyer pursuant to this contract shall be determined  according to the price list of Seller valid at the time of ordering the goods. Transportation expenses covering transport from the Czech Republic to the country of Buyer are added  to the price.
  2. Seller is entitled to change the price with respect to to the current situation on the market and according to the development of the exchange rate of foreign currencies.  If Buyer does not agree with such change, he can cancel the order.


IV. Payment


  1. The amount invoiced  is due and payable prior to delivery of the products. Customers from abroad  only make payments by  bank  transfer to the account of Seller. Order is in this case fulfilled by Seller only  after the payment is put to his account
  2. Payment of goods and freight charges  is made on the basis of proforma invoice which  shall be sent by Seller to Buyer by e-mail. Buyer may also pay through the internet payment sytem Pay Pal.
  3.  If Buyer makes payment in advance and Seller is not able to deliver the goods, Seller shall  return the amount to Buyer as it was agrred on.

V. Times of delivery, transport cost

  1. We dispatch ordered goods as soon as the  payment is put  to our bank account, at the latest within 72 hours on working days. The time of delivery of the goods ranges from 2 to 8 days – according to the destination to which they are sent.
  2. The maximum weight limit of a dispatched parcel is  30 kg. The weight of the goods in the shopping basket adds during placing an order. If the maximum weight of 30 kg per a parcel is excceeded, freight will be charged for another parcel.
  3. We deliver  goods to the following countries:
    Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland: 26,- EUR for a parcel weighing up to 30 kg,
    21,- EUR for a parcel weighing up to 10 kg.
    Luxembourg, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden: 36,- EUR for a parcel weighing up to 30 kg,
    30,- EUR for a parcel weighing up to 10 kg.

VI. Withdrawal from a contract by  Buyer


  1. Buyer is entitled to withdraw from a contract within 14 days of receiving a consignment without stating any reason.
  2. The goods must be returned to the address of Buyer to the Czech Republic. Cash on delivery shall not be accepted. Transport costs of  returning the goods shall be paid by Buyer.
  3. The goods in their original packaging must be sealed, unopened, unused and undamaged, with all the documents enclosed (i.e. manuals, guarrantees, undamaged labels etc.) and must be suitable for further distribution. The returned parcel must include a copy of  purchase in our shop – invoice.
  4. It is  not possible to return the goods that have been specially ordered for a customer, or have been manufactured or adjusted to customer´s specification. It is also impossible to return the goods the delivery of which was delayed by the carrier.
  5. Immediately after the goods are returned refunds of payments for the ordered goods and freight for the delivery of the parcel from the Czech Republic shall be sent by Seller to the address of Buyer.
  6. Notice of intention to return the goods must be sent to Seller by e-mail. 

VII. Withdrawal from a contract by Seller

  1. Seller is entitled to cancel an order especially in the following cases:
  2. when he has justifiable doubts about  the real identity of Buyer
  3. when he is not able to deliver the goods by the agreed upon  date
  4. if  the goods are no longer produced or delivered
  5. when the price of the goods carrier has considerably changed 
  6. when dramatic changes  of the exchange rates of foreign currencies caused by development on the foreign-exchange market occur

        2. If Buyer has already paid part of the price or the entire price, this amount shall be       

without delay transferred back to the account of the Buyer, at the latest within 4 weeks.

IX. Complaints

  1. Buyer is obligated to take delivery from the carrier in due form, make sure  that packaging is unopened and undamaged, check the number of parcels and in case of any defects he is obligated to notify  the carrier of this.  In a receiving report  Buyer confirms that a parcel  meets the above requirements and a later complaint about packaging being opened or damaged  shall not be taken into account.
  2. The place where claims are set up in case of damaged or faulty goods is the business premises of the Seller. We provide  24 month goods warranty.  Claim to  make a complaint  ceases to exist  if the goods are used in conditions that do not correspond with those stated in the documentation of the goods (the documentation includes warnings on the original packaging of a product) or in the event of inconsiderate, immoderate or  incompetent use or intervention of a higher power
  3. No compensation can be claimed for a complete unopened consignment that was upon delivery rejected and not received from the transportation firm.
  4. It is not possible to ask for a refund if a consignment was seized by customs, police or other authorities in the  country. Buyer has confirmed by his order that he has taken all responsibility to find out whether import of pyrotechnic articles from the Czech Republic to his country is legal. Buyer has also confirmed that he has taken responsibility for storage, use and circulation of these purchased products in accordance with legislature applicable in his country.

X. Personal data protection

  1. Protection of personal data of Buyer is in accordance with the law on the territory of the Czech Republic. Buyer gives  consent to Seller´s collecting and storing personal information relating  Buyer and his purchases. Seller shall not share any registered  personal information with third parties. 


XI. Closing  provisions


  1. These Conditions of business are applicable in the wording available on the website of Seller at the time of sending an order by Buyer
  2. By sending an order Buyer accepts without reservation all provisions of business terms and conditions in the wording applicable on the day of sending an order, the current price of ordered goods including the transportation cost unless provably provided otherwisewith regard to any specific case.  Buyer is under irrevocable obligation by the sent order.  
  3. These General conditions of business come into force on November 13, 2013, and replace General conditions issued earlier.
    Old Genetal conditions.